Vegan & Gluten Free*

* Unless of course, you add that ham bone at the end!


This recipe is all about going back to the old fashioned basics and that’s what really makes it so good. There’s just something about the classic staple recipes like this that is just so satisfying.

It’s the food that reminds us of being back home that will follow us through life, those foods almost as if wishing us well through good memories. When I was younger and getting over a bad cold or something it was often split pea soup I asked mom to make for me. It’s just a true comfort food staple.

Wants some extra flavor.....a leftover meaty ham bone is that special ingredient that really flavors this soup. The bone of the ham and the meat adds so much flavor, plus it puts it to good use. Much better than just tossing it.


Split Pea Soup Mix